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Hundar Utan Hem. The attractive Long-tailed Duck breeds in the high Arctic and spends winters mostly along ocean coasts. The stunning males have two mirror-image plumages: in summer mostly black with a white face patch; in winter mostly white with rich brown, black, and gray on the face. In all plumages they have extravagantly long, slender tail feathers. Females and immatures are smudgy brown and white Long-tailed Duck | Audubon Field Guide A duck of cold northern waters.

Long tailed duck

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They have small round heads and steep foreheads. In winter, the male is mainly white with some brownish-black  Taxonomy. Bird in the Clangula Genus. No children of Long-tailed Duck ( Clangula hyemalis) found. Names. Pictured Right: Male and female Long-tailed Duck with varying plumage, distance and behavior (flying, etc.). Image Credit: Richard Crossley - www.

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Long-tailed Duck. In the course of one of my rambles along the borders of a large fresh-water lake, near Bras-d'or, in Labrador, on the 28th of July, 1833, I was delighted by the sight of several young broods of this species of Duck, all carefully attended to by their anxious and watchful mothers. Click here for more information about the Red List categories and criteria.

Long tailed duck

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Long tailed duck

Båtsfjord, Varanger, Norge, februari 2018 . Myvatn, Island, juni 2013 . Stekenjokk, Jämtland, augusti 2011 The Long-tailed Duck is an animal in FarmVille that was released on August 12th 2010 and can be obtained through Mystery Gift. It is based on the real life Long-Tailed Duck. 1 Storage 1.1 Duck Pond 2 Mastery 3 See Also 4 Gallery The Long-tailed Duck is also a reward, by the completion growing a Long-tailed duck.

62 Likes, 2 Comments - Marie Kellgren (@fiskar.gumman) on Instagram: “Lite alfågeljakt måndagsmorgonen till ära Some Long-tailed duck  Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis), 0:15, Patrik Åberg, 2017-06-14, 22:48, United States, Barrow, North Slope Borough, Alaska, 0, song. bird-seen:yes. Goldeneyes are diving ducks with large rounded heads.
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Imagine how dark and cold it must be! Additionally, relative to all other diving ducks, the Long-tailed Duck spends the most time under, rather than on, the water's surface. One of the most charismatic of our sea ducks, the Long-tailed Duck 's call is captivating. Melodious yodelling and yelps hardly do it justice. Long-tails are slightly unusual in their plumage, having three distinct suits each year (most ducks moult twice per year).

Define long-tailed duck. long-tailed duck synonyms, long-tailed duck pronunciation, long-tailed duck translation, English dictionary definition of long-tailed duck. n. A sea duck that is black and white with a long thin tail and is found in Arctic and northern temperate regions. long-tailed duck (plural long-tailed ducks) An Arctic sea bird, Clangula hyemalis. Synonyms .
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In all plumages they have extravagantly long, slender tail feathers. Long-tailed ducks can be seen along the ice-edge early in spring. Important wintering areas are located along the coast of northern Norway and in the Baltic. General ecology.

Plats: Lomma hamn.. Datum: april 28, 2020. Lite text om denna. Välkommen att maila mig om du  Long-tailed Duck in summer suite – ALFÅGEL i sommardräkt, Clangula hyemalis. 295.00 kr. Approximately: 35.40 $. En färglitografisk plansch med fågelmotiv, Long-tailed Duck in Winter – ALFÅGEL ung hane om vintern, Clangula hyemalis.
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long-tailed ducks synonyms, long-tailed ducks pronunciation, long-tailed ducks translation, English dictionary definition of long-tailed ducks. n.